Starting the Engine BBQ day

We had our Starting the Engine BBQ today!
People here were brother in-law Andy and his wife Sally, mother in-law Lesley, step son Sam with his family, Ayden one of my plane friends, 3 of my colleagues Phil, Warren and Andy with his wife Katy and son Bexter, the neighbors David & Ruby, Claire & Nigel and their kids. And last but not least Nicki (the wife 🙂 ), and Lidia and Rutger (daughter and son).

Here is Lesley’s (my mother in-law) report on her website:

Today was the official “Starting the engine” BBQ at Nicki & Gert’s home. It was a beautiful afternoon – sunny and warm – and a great lunch was served which all enjoyed. There were probably about 25-30 people present for the big event. And then it was time. All the males present were busy asking questions or giving advice while the females stood back and waited for the action and it wasn’t long before the action began. Everyone was most impressed and it all went off without a hitch. I believe there was a minor hitch but that was men’s stuff and I think got sorted fairly quickly.

Here are a couple of photos of the event.



And Nicki’s reply on her website:

Yes – great day – the hitch isn’t fixed yet but easy to do apparently. Gert was pleased with how it all went and I was pleased there was enough food 🙂
And the sun was a bonus – I had made Gert and Rutger go and find firewood to light a fire outside for people to stand around, in case it was cold but that wasn’t needed. And just after the last person left the southerly swept in. So all good. Thanks for coming Mum and Andy and Sam (the Seadowners who were there).

So yes all went well.
By the way, this hitch is the contacts of the distributor in the magneto’s. Looks I can just unscrew the little nuts out and put new ones in. Hopefully they come out OK, and don’t have to use the “spark erode” people.
Just got a video that Sam made posted on YouTube. Thanks Sam, looks great:

At some stage you see me checking the temperature of the 5 exhaust’s as I am expecting that one of them isn’t firing. And yes I was right. Cylinder #5 didn’t fire. Later we found (with the help of Warren and Phil) that the contacts in the distributor in the magneto had worn a bit and the one for #5 was definitely a bit short. So next little job will be removing the little nuts and replacing them with new ones, or make something that fits 🙂

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