Carburetor findings

OK the whole carburetor is back together, with the needle of the needle valve mixture control all screwed in as mentioned above.

And also noticed that one of the jet’s is not the right size, but that might be OK. The “name plate” on the outside of the carburetor shows jet sizes. The “Main Metering Jet” is correct : #48. The other jet size on the plate says : AB #50 but the installed one is #53. No idea what AB stands for but I assume its the jet for the fuel pump. The bigger the number the smaller the hole, for some reason.

So this fuel pump jet is smaller than what it should be, but I have seen squirt of fuel, so that’s likely OK and I don’t think it will affect the fuel flow into the main fuel injector.

OK all ready to put it back on the engine. Probably tomorrow 🙂



I also made a sketch of all the tubes and valves and things inside the carburetor. As soon as I have converted that into a nice drawing, I will post that just below here.. Its nice to see how it really works. Easier to think about the issues.


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