Champion C26

Started spending some time looking at this spark plug. By using the good all “Google” I found that this was a Champion C26. Some history:

1920s – 1930s :

  • Champion began development of spark plugs specifically for aviation industry.
  • Champion Aero-1 plugs sparked world’s speed record (318 mph) and world’s altitude record (38,793).
  • Champion spark plugs helped power Aeronca Dowager, first successful U.S. light plane.
  • Created Aero RA, a low-profile spark plug with radio dome shield.
  • Expanded facilities for ceramic research.
  • Pioneered the C-26 spark plug.
  • Developed industry’s first aluminum oxide insulator.


So I am looking for a replacement of this spark plug. Trying to understand what parameters are important for finding the right replacement. And then there are the ignition leads. Do I use just plain old copper, compression leads or shielded leads……


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  1. Hello,
    I’m a Belgian classic car owner, and while looking for prewar plugs for my 1933 Morgan Threewheeler, I came upon a small stock of Champion C26 plugs for unshielded ignition. So far I sold several to Brian Dalton of Texas for his Travelair aircrafts. I still have a limited number available. They are new old stock, each plug is cleaned, tested, and comes in original package. Asking price is 25 Euro each.

    Luc Ryckaert
    Molenhoek 29
    B9968 Oosteeklo

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