Magneto couplings

Installed the magneto couplings today. Two of them as there are two magneto’s for 2 spark plugs per cylinder. That’s the round thing with the 3 pin’s pointing downwards. These 3 pins and the 3 pin’s on the magneto side stick into a ring about 5mm thick, build up from different layers of fabric stuck together, to create a “flexible” coupling.

Also as you can see here I added the back of the engine, here at the bottom, the green “thing”. It is used for mounting the magneto’s and the oil pump.


My parents, Breskens, The Netherlands

Hallo Gert.
We kunnen ons voorstellen dat je trots bent op je werk (machine). Zijn trots op je. Wanneer ga je de motor proberen, of moet je wachten op de montage op het vliegtuig?
Het ziet er prachtig uit.
Pappa en mamma.
(Hello Gert.
We can imagine that you are proud are about your engine. We are proud about you. When are you going to try the engine, or do you have to wait until its mounted on the plane?
It looks great.
Dad and mum.)

Valve timing

This the ramp I used to raise the back of the trailer, so I could slide the frame with the engine on it onto the trailer. Works perfect like this 🙂 No fancy lifting devices required !!!!



WOW, look at this 🙂


Really really beautiful ——->


What I am going to do today, is set the valve timing. I am really lucky with an old engine like this one (85 years old !!!) that I have a really simple but good manual that describes all this, and more…. See below the page on the valve timing.



It was all very easy. As simple as described in the manual 🙂

And now when moving the prop around and looking at the two valves, it works just nice as it should !!!!


To finish it, I used stainless steel lock wire to secure the 4 bolts………………………


This is going to be really beautiful !!
In front of my Bleriot 🙂
Lucky me !


Gasket in oil pump

Yes made new gasket of paper that I used in all other places in the engine, a bit thicker than what I had before in the oil pump.

And as expected, I had to adjust the pressure relief valve that’s built into the pump a bit more again, but still getting the 100 psi, and the pump is not leaking anymore now!! So that’s ready now to be placed on the engine. But before I can do that I have to check the timing of the valves. Will make a photo of that tomorrow, so you see why I can’t install the pump yet.

Last cylinder

The last cylinder gasket plus the gasket for the air/fuel inlet. And the last cylinder mounted.

The rest of the day I “played” with my new oil pressure sensor and gauge to check if the oil pump was creating enough pressure. And yes that all worked fine: 100 psi. Except the oil pump was leaking through one of the gaskets, so tomorrow I will cut a new one, not just printer paper but real gasket stuff. I used two layers of printer paper as I wanted this one as thin as possible so it wouldn’t leak internally and would create enough pressure. So hopefully with this gasket its OK….




Mounted cylinder #1

Forgot to “report” that I got the 40 studs back from Warren, my colleague. He has taken of the shoulder and taped a bit more thread on it !!! 🙂

Today I mounted the #1 cylinder, easy.
First I screwed the 8 new studs in with Loctite, and after tea I did the cylinder, see below





And here he is. You see the counterweights of the crankshaft, and the piston in the lowest position, just popping out , into the crankcase.


Also made a little video, of the inside while I move the crankshaft around, so hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea what I have got here.