Assembled ribs for right wing

Made all the ribs for the right wing today. First the full ribs, 7 of them. 4 Rivets per bracket, but only the top 2 are riveted in. Bottom two are not. They will be riveted when the rib is riveted onto the spars.


Then I made the 6 top only ribs that go in between the 7 full ribs. Normally 6 ribs only have a top tube, for weight savings, and because Robert’s ribs are normally flat or convex.

I decided to divert from that as this rib is concave (hollow). This way the material that is covering the wings can be attached properly. Behind where the bottom tube finishes, the bottom surface of the wing is flat, so no tube is required anymore like in all of Robert’s other ribs to attach the material.

Tomorrow I will start the brackets for the left wing !!1391241389

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