Spend a few hours on Sunday looking at magneto’s and valves. Trying to understand how the timing of the valves and the magneto’s is going to work.
So far I haven’t changed the timing of the valves, but it can easily changed, know now.
Too scared I am doing something wrong. But after trying to understand and talking with Glenn Peck (see top of the page), and a colleague here at work who is VERY interested in it all, I now understand a lot more of this beautiful simple engine.

Also learned from Glenn that the timing of the magneto’s can be changed easily. I was reading that in the manual, but didn’t understand, but that’s because, I didn’t see one little detail on the coupling that drives the magneto. Will show later when the time comes to change the timing.

Also found out how all the plumbing of the oil lines is going to work. BEAUTIFUL, really simple.

So all good 🙂

Looking at the manual, I need to do the timing of the valves first. This can only be done without the magneto’s installed, so that’s what I will do next.
But it does mean that I need to put the cylinders on the crank case. This means the engine is going to be to heavy to lift.

So what I am doing now is create a steel frame that the engine sits on while assembling. The same frame can then be pulled of the table with an ancient old trick of round bars to roll that construction that is going to weigh about 110kg, onto my trailer, and with a hinging point it will be pulled up straight so I can run it. Got it !!!!! ? Will show you later 🙂

But I decided now that after the frame is ready, I am first going to test the whole oil lubrication system, now the cylinders are still off. This way I should be able to see the flow of the oil through the machine, while I am driving the oil pump with my electric drill machine (probably).

Also today (doesn’t stop does it) I found out that my propeller, the beauty of the Bleriot has been picked up by the transport company from the manufacturer and is on its way here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Glued crankshaft assembly together

Today I am starting with the assembly of the engine!!!

Glued the crankshaft assembly back together 🙂

After talking with Tony from CAMS (who put new bushings in the con rods) we decided to use Loctite 680, a retaining compound, to “glue” the crank pins in the master con rod. Also the locking screw is glued in the master con rod.

All went really well. HAPPY with it. The beginning of a really nice machine !!!

Next will be putting the 2 part crankshaft into the master con rod 🙂



Original Bleriot didn’t have lights

The plan is to get two sets of lights. I know that the original Bleriot didn’t have lights, but one of my big things is to make this plane as safe as possible without making it to obvious that there are features here that are not authentic.

When driving my car I ALWAYS have my lights on to make me more visible, just for that one occasion where someone otherwise might not see me in the split second before making the wrong decision.

So the plan is for having a red anti collision light on top and white landing lights at front:

  • When you look at the radio page, you see I am going to have an antenna on top of my Cabine. I am thinking of making an array of super bright red LED’s, that’s wrapped around the base of the antenna. If the platform that the base of the antenna is mounted on is wide enough, I should not see it from where I am sitting.
  • Then I am looking at automotive white LED modules, and build them into the leading edge of the wing, one in each wing.

Cutting bending sanding

Finished cutting, sanding, bending, more bending and sanding the 13 front brackets for the left wing today. Also did the first whole bracket for the back of the rib of the left wing.

The plan is to finish the remaining 12 brackets this weekend, and hopefully build the ribs, but not sure if that’s going to happen as I have my parents coming over from the Netherlands…………