Zane Lee, Melbourne, Australia

I just stumbled across your website and loved what I saw.
I have finally been given a copy, of a picture of my great grandfather flying this plane in Egypt during word war 1. This model however has duel controls as it was a trainer. If you like I can send you a picture of this if you like.
Anyway keep me updated with your progress, good luck and if all goes well I’d love to come over from Melbourne and see the plane once finished.

Second email:

I have attached a copy of the photo for you, please excuse the quality. Ill try to get a better copy for you ( and me) please let me know if it is the correct aircraft too. My great grand father Albert Cowan is in the front seat teaching others to fly. He did this whilst he was recovering from a sniper shot to the eye when on a ship at Gallipoli. When they found out he was flying with one eye they put him on the next ship back to Australia.


GREAT PHOTO ZANE, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is a Bleriot al-right !
You are welcome Zane at the end of the year here in New Zealand (close to Christchurch), when my Bleriot is finished !


Also just got the back of the photo from Zane:


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