Coping ribs

The goal for today was to cope all the ends of the bottom and top tube’s for the ribs. So after some thinking, I made this tool. Block of timber with a 0.5″ hole for the rib tube and a 1″ hole for the leading or trailing wing tube.
Get the picture ?

See right for a photo made by Pascal when he was building the wing for his Bleriot. This is what it will look like when finished, except my tubes are coped, these ones here aren’t.



Coping all tubes went really well, so I think I have done well !!

Below the finished tubes. A bit of cleaning up to do and then …….

Bending brackets, so they can be riveted to the two 2″ tube spars !!!!!

But that might have to wait if I get my engine con rods back in about a week 🙂 I hope.



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