Antenna base

Got a base for my antenna today.

My plan with the Bleriot was always to make it look as much as possible like the original one, but don’t cut back on safety things. The radio is one of them I would say. I really want to make sure I have a good radio system. And with that comes an antenna.

What I am going to do is put a thin 1/4 wave length stainless steel Whip antenna on the Cabine. And when I am on the ground, I can easily take the antenna of, so its not really obvious I have this….


So this base of the antenna is going to sit on a small “platform” I would call it, of about 2″ x 3″ on top of the Cabine:



The 4 steel wires that hold up the Cabine and the 8 wires that go to the wing form a nice ground plane.


When I showed the antenna guy a few pictures of a Bleriot, he agreed that that was a perfect position for the antenna. The 5mm coax will come down through the left 1″ Chromoly tube, right where the radio is going to be, so nice and short connection.

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