Zane Lee, Melbourne, Australia

I just stumbled across your website and loved what I saw.
I have finally been given a copy, of a picture of my great grandfather flying this plane in Egypt during word war 1. This model however has duel controls as it was a trainer. If you like I can send you a picture of this if you like.
Anyway keep me updated with your progress, good luck and if all goes well I’d love to come over from Melbourne and see the plane once finished.

Second email:

I have attached a copy of the photo for you, please excuse the quality. Ill try to get a better copy for you ( and me) please let me know if it is the correct aircraft too. My great grand father Albert Cowan is in the front seat teaching others to fly. He did this whilst he was recovering from a sniper shot to the eye when on a ship at Gallipoli. When they found out he was flying with one eye they put him on the next ship back to Australia.


GREAT PHOTO ZANE, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is a Bleriot al-right !
You are welcome Zane at the end of the year here in New Zealand (close to Christchurch), when my Bleriot is finished !


Also just got the back of the photo from Zane:


Made some brackets

Started with the brackets today that attach the rib tubes to the spars πŸ™‚

See below, one picture = 1000 words ! These gusset plates are 2.5″ * 5″ aluminium, as is everything else πŸ™‚





One thing you really need to do that will save a lot of time later when mounting the leading and trailing edge 1″ tubes:

I had to adjust the ends of a lot of the 1/2″ rib tubes as they where not in one straight line or too long after the ribs where mounted onto the spars and I was mounting the leading and trailing 1″ tubes.

  1. Bend all the rib’s. Top and bottom ones. Make them as identical as you can.
  2. Cope the ends, well I did.
  3. On a board with dummy spar’s and dummy leading and trailing 1″ tube’s, make sure they fit nicely in between these 1″ leading and trailing tubes, without having to force them in there and without blocks to hold them into place as that will result in them going longer when you pull them of the board. So don’t use blocks as what I did, see photos above.
  4. If you want to use blocks, and you probably should, only use them at the very ends of the ribs, to hold them in place, for the next step.
  5. Mount the two brackets.
  6. Last thing to note is related to the mounting of the ribs on the spars. The back spar snugly sits in between the top and bottom rib tubes. But the front spar sits sort of halfway in between the top and bottom rib tube. If all ribs are identical, then nothing is wrong, but they aren’t. When I mounted the ribs, I used a bit of timber to sit on top of the front spar that determined the height of the rib just before drilling the holes through the bracket for the rivets into the spar. But ideally when you are building the ribs, you mark on the bracket while on the board where the front spar touches the bracket. This is where it needs to be mounted on the real front spar. Reason is that, because not all ribs are identical, so the distance from spar to top rib tube will vary…..

No extra work really but handy to know for when mounting the leading and trailing 1″ tubes.

Rudi, South Africa

After Rudi was watching my video clip of bending the rib:
Great work.. Am watching every second day for new updates.. Donno what I’m gonna do when U fin with that Bleriot…. Go Gert !!!!!!

my answer to him:
When I am finished building you just need to watch video’s of me flying it !

His reply:
Like I said.. Looking in REGULARLY to see how the built goes.. Love all the pictures of all the work and engine that u took apart. Love it Love it Love it. I think when you have those wings on it you going to have an good idea of the size of your plane.. can’t wait.. But I better wait, otherwise u’re going to be finish too soon and I will have to look at you flying the plane.. over and over again..Greetings and enjoy your built.

Transport options

Just spoke with Chad about box sizes and weight etc etc for transporting quotes.Β He is doing the final touch on the prop now. He is putting fiber glass on the tips I think he said….. before varnishing it, not sure now !

But yes all very exciting, that means the prop is REALLY there now πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to open the box when it gets here !!!!!!!!!

Starting with rib brackets

De-burred and sanded all the coped tubes, so ready now for making brackets for mounting these rib tubes to the two 2″ spars.
So there are 13 ribs in each wing, were every second one only has a top tube, probably for saving weight. This means I need to make 2 brackets for each rib, that is 2 * 26 = 52 brackets πŸ™ ……………

Coping ribs

The goal for today was to cope all the ends of the bottom and top tube’s for the ribs. So after some thinking, I made this tool. Block of timber with a 0.5″ hole for the rib tube and a 1″ hole for the leading or trailing wing tube.
Get the picture ?

See right for a photo made by Pascal when he was building the wing for his Bleriot. This is what it will look like when finished, except my tubes are coped, these ones here aren’t.



Coping all tubes went really well, so I think I have done well !!

Below the finished tubes. A bit of cleaning up to do and then …….

Bending brackets, so they can be riveted to the two 2″ tube spars !!!!!

But that might have to wait if I get my engine con rods back in about a week πŸ™‚ I hope.