Frame in fuselage

Everything ready now for the last part of the seat, the leather seat covering.

Today I added a bend tube connected to the top longerons, creating a nice “opening” for the top of the fuselage. Only thing left to do is a piece of aluminium to connect the new bend tube with the straight bit, just behind it. That sheet will also have two slots in it for the top two belts of the safety belt.

Don’t look at the floor under the Bleriot. As its in an open shed, the wind is always blowing around creating a mess πŸ™‚


I have finished the 4 gusset plates for attaching the seat to the two bottom longerons, but they are not shown yet. They go in last after the leather covering is fixed to the seat frame.





New bearings on crank shaft

And here are 3 new crankshaft bearings. Cleaned the grease from them with petrol. Nice and shiny !


Heated up the bearings in some oil to 100 degC in a little pot on the tramping gas cooker (in the garage) to expand the bearings a bit, so they will slide easily over the crank shaft. I was a bit nervous, but it went really easy πŸ™‚ see below.


Now its waiting for the con rods to com back from being measured.

DIY upholstery

After some shopping around I have decided that wicker is to expensive. Another idea I had was going to the local saddler to have a look and see if canvas was an option. But the same here, basically the time spend would make it to expensive.

So this is what I am going to do:

I am currently creating a base for the seat using 2.5mm polyester rope, and weave it “inside” my square seat.Β On top of that I use some seat stuffing material, and cover the seat with leader. The side bits, leather as well, will be sown to the seat, and go up to the top rail and attached there. To make it affordable, I/we will be doing all the work ourselves πŸ™‚