First contact with Chad

At the time I started looking around for propellers here in New Zealand, I posted a message to my “plane friends” on about my engine and how well it was going. I wasn’t asking about propellers, but, Guess what; one of my “plane friends”, also very interested in my project, contacted me and told me about Chad Wille (he LOVES his propellers).

Chad is a propeller manufacturer from “St. Croix Propellers” in Iowa in the US.

He flies a Bleriot that he built himself.

He also owns a Velie engine, like the one I am restoring.

And he has been building propellers for 40 years.

So “he is the ideal combination” !!!

Below is Chad with his Bleriot and a beautiful propeller:


In the weeks following my first contacts with Chad, I learned a lot about propellers.

His Bleriot here has a 1910 fan type Anzani which has 210 cubic inches. My Velie has 250 cubic inches so my prop will be similar.

  1. He has lots of knowledge of the Velie so that is useful….. Learned a few things about the problems he had with his carburetor. The primer draws raw fuel directly out of the float chamber and will cause a lot of troubles with the mixture and will run rough if there is not a good seal when it’s closed.
  2. Also the carburetor, would need a simple “scoop”, catching the air.
  3. And there is a heat exchanger just above the carburetor that needs exhaust gasses, tapped of from one of the exhausts, to preheat the air fuel mixture, but more importantly heat up the carburetor, to stop ice from forming inside.
  4. And finally, the magneto, might need some work on the coil and the capacitor (condensor) that’s integrated in the coil. The coil could be corroded and would fail to fire.


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