Starting to look like a plane

Look look !!!! Today I spend 7 hours fitting the bracing tubes, see below. I slowly worked my way through the bits for this. Went really well, and really happy with it 🙂

Slowly this box of tubes is starting to look like a plane! A real plane, wow !! 🙂



Below the tang for the diagonal brace that supports the weight of the plane “going  into the wheels”



Above, the bracing fixed into the bottom longeron, and below the tong for bracing the lift structure.



Left, ready to mount the bracket that connects the bottom horizontal tube that completes up the “landing gear frame”.

Top LG ovalized tube

Mon 20 May 2013:
Below the top tube for the fuselage that’s been ovalized with a 1″ square steel tube inside.





Above the top of the vertical tube that will be mounted into the top horizontal tube and against the fuselage. It also has a 1″ square steel tube in it with a AN5 nut welded inside.

Below the bottom of this vertical tube.


Left, the bracket that’s used to fix the top tube and the vertical tube into place.

Ovalized aluminum tubes

No photos to show about the work done so far, but have done a lot of preparations.

The main landing gear frame consists of 6 tubes. Four of them are ovalized aluminum tubes with a piece of 1 ” square steel pipe inside.

Drilled a lot of holes, getting everything ready to assemble. You will be impressed in the next few days, when I can show some phhotos !!   🙂

Control stick

Worked this weekend on the control stick. The torque tube still needs to be cut to the right length.

The two elevator control cables will be fixed to the two bolts shown in the left photo, one below and one above the pivot point of the control stick. The back of the torque tube still needs the bell crank that is going to move the ailerons, but I will add that when the wings with the ailerons are done. So that’s still a little while away.

Next is going to be the LANDING GEAR. Wow making progress I think.

I am not adding the back part of the fuselage yet, because I want to do as much as possible in the garage which is not long enough for the whole fuselage, so that will have to wait till I move into the shed just 50m away from the house 🙂





The piece of 2″ tube going to the left (forward) of the control stick is now cut of, to give me a “clear view down” !!!

There won’t be a floor so, can keep an eye on what’s below me 🙂

Rudder control pedals almost ready

Almost done with the rudder control pedals, next will be fixing them to the floor boards.
What you see here is the back, with an access hole to the nut, just in case……

The two tangs shown on the side are used for:

1 Connect the cable going backwards to the walking bar and then to the rudder,

2 Attach a spring to pull the pedal slightly forward, to stop if from “falling” backwards.


Below are the pedals in position and fixed to the floor boards. Have used some string for now to see how they work with the walking bar. Feels good I think ! 🙂