Piano hinge

Got a piano hinge today and cut two 5.5″ bits (the width of the pedal) for the two hinges for the pedals. That all looks good. Also I started cutting and shaping aluminium sheet to go on both sides of the pedal frame. So yes starting to look like a real one 🙂

Also I have changed the tubing a bit. The short bit supporting the bolt is now gone, and replaced by a longer one going all the way to the top of the pedal, and positioned in the center. The bolt is a bit longer as well. Will show you soon !

Rudder pedals

The beginning of the rudder pedals. Tubes for one done, next one soon !

This frame of 5/8″ tube will be covered on both sides with 2021T3 aluminium sheet.
It will have a hinge at the bottom of the pedal (is left on the photo). The cables will be connected on the AN4 bolt. The extra bit of short piece tube supporting the bolt will give it extra strength.