Walking bar

Change of plans. I need to “wicker” the seat first and then build it into the plane. The gusset plates that are going to hold it are made so I can’t get the seat out or in, once those plates are riveted to the bottom longerons. So I have to finish the seat completely before it goes in.

So while I am looking for someone to do that seat, or maybe I might do it myself, I am working on the rudder controls.
What I am going to do is the following:

I am constructing a walking bar of Chromoly behind the seat, with two cables going to the back to control the rudder. And from the walking bar I have two cables going forward going to two pedals. This way I can put a lot of pressure on both pedals without damaging anything. Working on the bar construction first.

The problem is that that bar can’t be at the bottom as it will be in the way for the aileron control. So I have a cunning plan to mount it halfway up to the diagonal cross tube just behind the seat and just behind the back carry through, if that makes sense. In fact I will have two diagonal cross tubes, one going top left to bottom right and the other one top right to bottom left. And at the junction, I am making a little welded aluminium construction that is going to hold the walking bar.

Will show you some photos soon.

Bolts through carry through

Tightened up the 4 AN5 bolts that go through the 2″ carry through, to lock them into the fuselage frame. You can just see one of them in the big photo above, on the left side of the front carry through.

You might remember that the 2 vertical tubes on each side of the carry through have a second tube inside, to make it all nice and strong !!!

The same 4 bolts also hold the four 1 and 7/8″ inserts in place that now stick out on each side of the fuselage (again see big photo above for the front right insert). The 2″ wing spars will slide over these when attached to the fuselage.

Also started with the cross tubes (connecting the left and right side) where the two floor boards go. These cross tubes don’t “hang” underneath the bottom 2 longerons, but I am placing them on top. Will show you on Saturday what that is going to look like.

Rudi Fick, South Africa

Hi there.
Excellent web u got there.. I’m real interested in your project, Nice kit to built with lots of history, and will always turn heads with it.. I assume those yellowish spray on every join on the frame is some kind of rust preventative?? Not that aluminium rust? Please…LOTS of photo’s of that engine..ignition, carb , rockers. Manifold, ect. LOVE the work u have done!!! Looking forward to the next “reading” of what u are doing there in your garage.
Rudi Fick
South Africa. (Sorry, not into Rugby)
Ps. Engine should be there by now?? It’s not Africa there u know??