Cutting ply

Waiting for some welding to be done on the fuel tank and the first stage of my seat.

So today I cut the ply that goes on the side of the fuselage. It fits perfectly. Looks a bit strange right now, a bit naked.


Also today, I started with the the cabane struts. In wire-braced monoplanes, e.g. the Blériot XI, the cabane struts (generally referred to as the cabane) form the structure above the wings to which the wing’s bracing wires are attached.


Jack, United States

After I told Jack I bought the 5 cylinder Velie radial, a 85 year old engine from the US:
Good for you buddy!
I was thinking about the engine last night, for the price, you can’t beat it. The Big Twin, through Valley Engineering is already 6 grand. Most engines are nearing $10,000. I think the only other thing you need to buy is the silk scarf. I’m real happy for you – Good for you! Congratulations

Just bought a Velie

Just bought the Velie engine that I was talking about, just above. It is an 85 year old engine from 1928. A 5 cylinder radial, that is going to look beautiful in front of my Bleriot !!!!!!

It’s my best “Bleriot friend” Jack Vanderwerf in the US I have to thank, because he told me about that engine that was for sale in the US, after I showed him the picture above !!!!! So thank you again Jack !!!!

Still hard to believe that I have got it 🙂