Control stick

In the last few days I have finished all the diagonals that I could do, and now before I can continue with the seat I have made the control stick, or at least the start of it. This way I can find out how far it needs to be positioned forward so I can start with the tubes carrying the seat πŸ™‚


Yes summer is really slowing me down. So many other little projects and big gardens to maintain.

Every day when we come home from work, we spend at least half an hour in the garden, looking for weeds, planting plants, mowing lawns etc etc.

And then half an hour or more working on the plane, before we start preparing tea.Β That way there is more time in the weekend.



But before Xmas I am finishing a path with pavers, so that will take a few days, and them before you know it, its the end of the year.

But really enjoying building the Bleriot !!!!!

How am I going to do the seat

Turned the fuselage around again, the right way up and started on the diagonals.

Also started thinking how I am going to do the seat, or more precisely what framing to create to mount it on. So in the near future I might be doing some work with ply to create a nice authentic looking seat πŸ™‚

But before that I need to put the fuel tank in, as I can’t finish the cross tubes and diagonals because they would be in the way.

All the cross tubes

In the last few days I have done all the cross tubes except for the last one at the back. Will do that one when I attach the back of the fuselage.

(fuselage is shown upside down here)

And yes in case you picked it up, I haven’t done the 4 cross tubes that carry the seat and the foot rests. Have something else for those in mind.


Tomorrow some diagonals at the bottom and the top.Starting to look impressive now, won’t be long and I will start on the controls and the seat !!!!!!!!


Firewall fits

Yes the firewall fits!!

In case you don’t know, the fire wall sits in between the engine and the pilot.

I even made a 1/2 inch up-stand that sticks out just outside the fuselage, “pointing” backwards. You can just see it (if you know what you are looking for) on the right here just to the right of the diagonal tube. The idea is that the 5mm ply wood sheet, nicely slots into it.