Bent the side panels of fuselage

Sounds a bit boring but today I bent the side panels of the fuselage. I did that about 1′ behind the rear carry through. So from that point, the two side panels start moving closer together. Also re-adjusted the engine mount a bit with the neighbour who did the welding, and now it fits perfectly !!!!!

  • Next few jobs on the list are;
  • Cutting the 2 sheets of ply-wood that get fitted on the outside of the fuselage now the 2 sides are not permanently joined.
  • Preparing the firewall. It will be easier to “insert” in between the two sides at this stage.

And cutting and installing the two carry through’s. They fit very snug in the 4 holes, so will insert them as the last thing before I start with the tubes that connect the two sides of the fuselage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Engine mount

Yes the engine mount is here. It’s the base of the frame. I will do the remainder when I have an engine.

The frame also has 4 brackets welded to it that get bolted to the 4 front gusset plates, and 4 brackets for the bracing wires of the landing gear.



PS note the cat un-aware of my exciting new frame.


Riveted 3 of the 4 diagonals

Riveted 3 of the 4 diagonals in position. I will do the 4th one after the two carry through for the wing have been put in position as I need some room for drilling holes. You can just see that in the photo here, where the second diagonal is just held in position with sticky tape. I will be drilling from the right side into the carry through.

This is not far away!!

In about a week I will fix the two sides of the fuselage to the base of the engine mount. At the same time I will position the fire wall and the two carry through’s for the wing, so all very exciting.


Steel brackets

Today and yesterday, I finished coping 4 of the 5 diagonals for the left side of the fuselage.

I am not doing one of them yet, because the control horn for the aileron will be close to that 5th one. So I will wait til I know exactly where the aileron control horn is going to be.

I also finished making the steel brackets that will be welded onto the engine mount. 4 Brackets will be bolted into the 4 gusset plates at the front of the fuselage (left side gusset plates on the left in photo below). And also some of the brackets that hold the steel wire for bracing the landing gear.