Foot step

Here is the foot step. Walked into a local engineering workshop. They had a tube bender so I could bend this bit nicely !! As you can see there is some room between the foot step and the vertical tube for the tube that will go diagonally from there.

Front of the left side is finished now (apart from the diagonals).



Left side almost done

Ooops, forgot to update you on my progress. Yes by the way we had a nice weekend last week, away from home.

The left side of the fuselage is almost done now. Well I mean the front side using the the 1″ longeron. Currently doing a little half circle tube that is on the left side for stepping into the Bleriot. Will show you with a photo in one of the next few days, when that is finished.

Second station

With my son’s birthday this weekend, didn’t do a lot. Finished the front station and I am about to rivet the second station with the front carry through in it. But I have all evening tomorrow tonight, so should be able to do quite a bit, hopefully 2 more stations.

Hope that’s the right word (station) looks strange to me.