Carry through gusset

Yesterday I fixed the front carry through in place. Made this gusset plate myself. Didn’t like to have the whole wing just bolted in the double 7/8″ tubes, so Basically made a bigger gusset plate that strengthens the whole thing. Also the carry through, fits perfectly so all forces are nicely distributed.





And the third “station”, at least I think that’s how Robert calls it went in today, see below

And who needs Cleco’s. I find with the right drill bit size, putting the rivet in, makes it sit perfectly in place. So after every hole I just put the rivet in and it won’t move anymore.

Oh yes, I drill all holes in the gusset plate first, before I position it on the tubing.


Today I finished the back carry through gusset plate. Same story here as the front carry through, didn’t like the 5/16″ bolt going through the two 7/8″ tubes. Will install this plate tomorrow !!! Can’t wait 🙂

2 Gusset plates

Installed the first 2 Gusset plates for the fuselage. All went really well, and I am really happy how it went. No problems, just a few more and its all done !!!

Below is the new gusset plate I made yesterday. So that is at the front of the fuselage at the top. Here you can see how the top horizontal tube of the landing gear goes underneath the longeron, instead of on top.



Tonight I cut two more “vertical” tubes in the drill press with a 1″ hole saw. I am getting better at this now. Also drilled the holes for the bottom two gusset plates, so next is the top gusset plate.

Will show you about that one later as that is another special Gert one as well…….

New gusset plate

Today I made a new gusset plate to go at the top of the front of the fuselage. Roberts design has the top horizontal tube of the landing gear on top of the two top longerons, but I have decided to put it underneath these longerons. Reason is that this was done in the original Bleriot, and it makes more sense to have the weight of the plane push against the bottom of the two top longerons. Also it means that the (don’t know what its called) cover that goes over the fuel tank, doesn’t have cutouts for this top horizontal tube of the landing gear. Hope it all makes sense, and if not, you will see when its built.


Left gusset is the new one.  Right gusset is the original one.


Here is the first vertical tube (the front one) of the side “panel” of the fuselage in place.

You also see the bolt poking out on the far right. It is going to hold the engine mount, a frame of 1″ square steel.

At the left you see how I hold the aluminium tube in place while fixing the vertical tubes………

More tomorrow

Timber blocks

Not a lot happening this week, lots of Olympics on TV, Great! Watched my step-daughter grooming the horse she owns, for the NZ eventing team – he won the team bronze medalGREAT!!

But today, I worked on the last preparations before I can start with the fuselage. Made a whole lot of timber blocks, to screw into the bench, to keep the longeron’s in place. And because the fuselage of the Bleriot is symmetrical, I can take out the first side and put it back upside down using the same blocks, before building the other side on top of the first side. The timber blocks are high enough to hold both sides. Also made ten 2″ sleeves that go over the longeron in various places, so all ready for the big job now 🙂