Bending ribs

This weekend started working again on the elevator. bending 6 ribs from sheet aluminium. I am not using Robert’s supplied aluminium, they are to hard to bend. I am using 6061T6 from a local aviation store. No idea what to do with the original supplied ones, just impossible. My ribs work just fine. The elevator is made from 1″ and 1/2″ tube.





Almost finished the whole elevator. Need to “connect” the stabilizer and elevator, and then up to the next project, the fuselage !!!!



But first I need to make a few brackets on the wall to start hanging up the bits I have done so far.

Steady progress

Didn’t finish the whole elevator as I thought I would when I started yesterday, but quite happy how things are going.

Right: my first coped tube, it fits quite well !!

After I did the first gusset plate, I decided to do it differently for all the other ones.

Now I first bend the gusset plate over the right sized tube, with my hands.


Then I put the whole thing in a vice, and leave it there for a minute or so. That vice you see below is so handy, use it for a lot of things !!!!



And this is the first half done. I think that part is called stabilizer. For now, it’s without the two middle “spacers”. I will put those in just before it gets mounted onto the fuselage.



And then it gets put in place, drilled, de-burred, cleaned and riveted, and bob’s your uncle 🙂

First bits assembled

Started assembling the elevator today.
Below: the first joint of the bigger 1″ tube and the curved 3/4″ tube.
Right: the stabilizer, the fixed part of the elevator.


Below: in the center of the stabilizer two 7/8″ sleeves. One inside the 1″ tube, and one over the two halves made of curved 3/4″. This reinforcing is there so bolting onto the fuselage is more rigid.




And started coping the tubes that go in the elevator. I am using a drill press with a vice bolted onto it. Seems to go OK !!

Paper on bench


Put paper on the bench to draw the shape of the elevator. Bought the roll of paper about 40 meters for $5, a good investment, because now I can draw all the details on the bench. Plenty of room for calculations, etc etc.
What you see here is the front of the elevator, 3/4′ tube, and my bending jig. I really like bending this way , with the shot peen in the tube!!!