Shot peen


I have my “Shot peen” 1mm little steel balls!! I am going to use them to fill up the aluminium tubes, so when I bend them they shouldn’t kink or deform any more.

But wait: I saw the delivery van from Bullet Freight coming into work yesterday, just as I was leaving for home, and I thought oooh that might be for me, because I knew they were used by the supplier. Today I asked the lady at reception, and she said; “yes they were delivering the metal balls, but the bag had split and they were going to reorder it”.

Oh no I thought, I won’t have it in time for the weekend. So I rang them and they said I could have what was left over from the bag. They are just around the corner from work so just went there and picked it up. It’s a paper bag with a little hole in it, so I have almost the whole bag plus what they swept from the floor of the van !!!

Yes, so now I can start bending !!

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