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OK another chapter in the process of getting this plane in the skies 🙂

Over the last year or so I have been thinking and looking at helmets and headsets.
Ideally it has to look authentic, you know the brown leather helmets… Something like this —>

These ones are made by a local company, but lots of $$$:


As with everything, its all expensive, unless you make it yourself, which I tend to do a lot here…

For the two (helmet and headset) like the one shown above you easily spend a few thousand $. I plan on making all of this for maybe 200$
So here we go. This is what I want to do:

  • Get a bike helmet, one of those ones that have no bits sticking out, just a nice head shaped helmet.
  • Cut bits of leather in a shape so it can be sown together and fit nicely over the helmet. This is to make an original looking helmet, with some added protection.
  • Get earmuffs with a really good sound proofing.
  • Build in speakers or use , in ear plugs with build in little speakers.
  • Get a microphone, used with David Clark headsets.
  • From leather, sow a “cup” that I wear over my mouth and has the mic build in to avoid wind noise.

Got ear muffs

Got the first part for this headset. Bought M3 earmuffs.

A class 5+ model with a attenuation of 30db I think it was:

They look massive at the moment, but remember that the helmet will go over my head, and probably cover the red rings of the earmuffs. Plus all of this will be covered in leather, including the earmuffs.

To be continued………..


Helmet and headset

And when the two are combined, you get this 🙂

I made cutouts for the headset and attached it to the inside of the the helmet.

Going well so far, next is getting little speakers to go into the ear muffs, and starting to think about the leather that will cover everything!



Made a mould

I have made a mould of the helmet using “Plaster of Paris” and bits of paper kitchen towel. Have just painted the inside with some paint I found in the shed, to make it “water tight” to get it ready for the next stage:

Filling it up with…. the same “Plaster of Paris” so I get the original shape back again and I can start shaping the leather that’s going to cover the helmet to make it authentic !!  🙂

Mould of helmet
Mould of helmet

Leather for helmet

Today I finally started with the leather for my helmet. Quite a while ago I filled up the mould of my helmet.

Here you see that helmet shaped piece of “Plaster of Paris” with leather pulled around it. I soaked the leather in hand warm water first for 10 min or so, then pulled as tight as I could from one end to the other. Then a bit more stretching on the sides and fix it with the staple gun, into the plaster.

Will just let it dry till next weekend before I take it off. It should remain its shape. It is over sized at the moment, so will have to trim it, but won’t do that until I have spoken with someone who’s going to sow the bits together.

In total there are 3 main bits. This one and two side “panels”.

Looking really impressive so far. Happy with this !!  🙂