Filling in wing root gab

Spend some time this weekend filling in the gab between the wing and the fuselage. There is a 2″ gab, maybe historical, but probably for technical reasons, as it was easier that way.

The reason I am trying this is to see if filling this gab increases the lift and decreases the drag.

Normally at the wing tip you have air “leaking” from the bottom of the wing were there’s a higher air pressure to the top of the wing were the air pressure is lower. In modern planes they minimize that with all sort of shaped wiglets at the tip of the wing.

In my case I can’t stop this “leak”. But I am sure I have the same leak at the wing root, and that’s what I am stopping and it should improve things. Not sure how I am going to prove it works as I am also in the process of improving the engine performance, so this gab filler, a piece of foam in the shape of the wing is probably always going to stay there, so one day will paint it the same colour as the wing.

Last bits on wings

Oh my birthday today, happy birthday me ! πŸ™‚

Yesterday and today I finished the last, yes the last bits of the wings. When the fabric goes on, the two 2″ tubes sticking out connecting the wing to the fuselage, will go through the fabric. So basically I will be making two 2″ holes in the fabric. If I would not do anything to support the holes in the fabric, it would tear over time. So this here will allow me to glue the fabric around the hole to some aluminium. I used some left over bits πŸ™‚



8 Flying cables

Made the new tangs, and installed them:



And did the 8 flying cables today πŸ™‚ !!!!! Tomorrow the entry gusset plate for all 8 cables…….

Getting very close to starting with the fabric for covering the wings, rudder, elevator and part of the fuselage


If you look closely, you can see I have done another “Gert” today. With the flying wires, basically carrying me and the plane while flying, I wanted to be super secure. I used 2 crimps at the ends of the wires. Adds a tiny little bit of weight but gives me the a very secure connection πŸ™‚ I like that !!


Preparations for flying wires

Started the preparations for the flying wires. The 4 tangs that the front flying cable turn buckles connect to are not long enough. The are mounted on the same bolt, resulting in the ends of them being to close together. So now making new ones that are a bit longer and uneven in length so it should be easy to count the turnbuckles.

Also the four tangs on the support structure for the back four flying cables are new ones.Β Cut them all to length, drilled the holes and marked the rounded edges, so I can grind them nicely into shape tomorrow at work.Β Also cut 8 more pieces of leather, for covering the holes at the entry into the wing.