Flight 51, 3 rejoins

This (Monday) morning, I was flying early, just after 0700 !

Woke up normal time for a work day, but instead drove to Rangiora 😊. The weather in the weekend wasn’t great, so decided to fly today.

Got there, ran the engine for a few minutes to warm it up. Stopped it, and did all my checks.

Spoke with Terry on the phone to discuss what the conditions were. Just a nice morning, no wind, and cloudy, just high enough to fly at 2000ft I found out later during the flight.

In the end I did 3 separate flights, with circuit rejoins and a touch and go.

First one, was a short one to a local air strip North, Loburn Abbey. Didn’t land there. That’s where I turned around at 2000ft high, and back to RT.

Second trip was East, via the Ashley river to the river mouth, turned around over the beach, same altitude, and back to RT.

Last one I decided to go West, via “river junction”, and then to Cust before i turned around again. While flying over just, I spotted Evan’s air strip (my test pilot).

All circuit rejoins went really well, as expected. Only heard one plane take off while I was flying. Pretty quiet!

Flying with low cloud went well. It must have been somewhere around 2500ft. I never touched it, but I was close 😊

So yes was a good start to the week.

Hopefully next weekend, will do a cross country to Culverden…..

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