Flight 50, solo standard circuit rejoins

Another really nice day today. There’s a NorWester threatening on the horizon, but still nice and calm here.

Before we were going to do anything, Terry wanted me to show some Rotor cloud. These are cloud rotating as a result of waves created by mountains. Now we have lots of those, and these ones where really prominent, very similar like the one you see here (the grey looking ones). The main reason he wanted me to see them is that you DON’T want to fly near them, as its very turbulent there ! 🙁

Rotor cloud

Terry was going to train me officially today on the execution of a standard circuit rejoin. This is basically were you come back from a trip and get into the circuit before you land.

I have done these a dozen times before with Dave and Paul, but it was never signed off in my log book.

We made two short trips away from the circuit, one to Loburn Abbey going North, and another one to the chip factory just East of RT flying at 2000ft.

Then coming back, dropping to 1700ft, and flying flying back to Rangiora, continually looking out for other traffic.

When “overhead”, you make the radio call:

Rangiora traffic, Kilo November Zulu, is overhead, joining left hand 07, Rangiora

Basically saying, hello people from Rangiora, I (KNZ = plane registration) have arrived from a trip at 1700ft altitude and I am joining the circuit, and will land with a left hand turn onto runway 07 😊

As expected this went without a glitch. Oh yes on one of the landings, Terry closed the throttle of the engine, forcing me to do a glide approach. Basically simulating a landing without the use of the engine.

This is where you try to get to the threshold of the runway a bit too high, just to make sure you can make it, and then at the final stages, you side-slip to lose height quickly and land. All going well !

Terry popped out of the plane, and I went solo:

Vacated the circuit, flew to Loburn Abbey at 2000ft, turned around, dropped to 1700ft, and rejoined the circuit, and finished with a perfect landing.

After this, Terry officially cleared me to go solo into the local training area, with a note on my log book. One step closer to my advanced local pilot licence. Weather permitting we will do a cross country flight to Culverden in 2 weeks !! Last weeks trip was a good practice run for that.

Next week hopefully a bit of local flying with a few standard circuit rejoins !!!!

Oh yes, Terry is really happy with how I’m flying!

Happy pilot 😊

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