Culverden and Stephen Fields fly-away

Today is just perfect. The club is doing a fly-away 😊

Flying to Culverden, were there’s a nice long strip followed by a visit to Stephen Fields farm strip.

So yes I met up with Paul who I was flying with at 11, and after the briefing we took off and flew over Okuku pass and into the valley were Culverden is.

I made myself a A4 copy from the VNC chart so I could orientate myself. Glad I made that.

Just before we left Rangiora, I also saw Terry my instructor. He told me to have a really good look around going there, note the strip altitude etc. I will be flying there soon with him as part of my training and if it goes well, will fly solo back !!! 😊

OK, Culverden airstrip altitude is 600ft. So the circuit is 1600ft, and joining at 2100ft, left hand circuit.

Below the airstrip just East of Culverden. Photo made by Roy. We ended up having 31 planes on the ground here, wow, that’s a lot!!

Paul’s plane JFA, also a Kitfox 🙂

The short leg going to Stephen Fields (Paul was piloting) was amazing, low through the valleys.

Below a video I made, following the Hurunui. As I am moving the camera around a bit, you might have to move your head a bit but it will give you a nice impression what it was like:

At Stephen Fields strip it got really cold, and started raining. So we decided to go back home.

Paul gave me “the keys” and told me to take the pilot seat 😊 I did most of the flying from the passenger seat during the first leg, but this is even better !!!

We were going to try to fly back along the coast, with all that cloud coming in.

In the end I was glad we did. That was amazing, navigating under the clouds and around sometimes. Really felt I was flying. At one stage having to dive down as we suddenly flew into one big white cloud. Wow, lots of white stuff !!!

Back in Rangiora I joined the circuit and landed. Not easy in a different plane (Paul’s). So i did one more circuit, but same issues…. That’s ok, next time i will be flying my own training plane KNZ.

Yes, was an amazing afternoon !!!

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