Lesson 47, more solo…

Beautiful winters Sunday. Was going to do a little trip 7 nm West of our airfield, but Terry thought I should have some more solo circuit flights first. We will do that 7 nm trip next week.

So off we went, first 2 circuits with Terry, then about 5 I think on my own “SOLO” 🙂

All very good, feel comfortable !

The second to last landing was a little bouncy. Started flaring to high, and then in the end “stalled” from a bit to high. Could have landed, but decided to do a go-around. First time ever. Basically aborting the landing and applying full power to take off straight away.

So yes never did that before, but this is one of the best decisions you can make if you are not 100% sure !!!! Good lesson for myself 🙂

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