Lesson 46, :-) more solo

Horrible weather yesterday (Saturday) but today, just perfect.

So I contacted Terry for a lesson just after lunch. Went through all the preparations, checks and was ready to fly just after 1300.

It was almost as I was mentally not completely prepared. I took me 2 circuits to get used to everything again.

  • I need to be so more aware of the slip indicator, and
  • With different conditions, it was a bit harder to get the altitude right for finals (the landing)

Apart from that, the circuit was fine.

During the landing I had to pay a bit more attention to the timing of the flare. At one stage I was flaring a bit to high, like only 1/2m to high, so no drama !!  🙂

After 3 circuits with Terry, he jumped out and I went solo again. Everything went really well. Almost like its easier if no-one is watching……. I know Terry was, “outside” from the runway, keeping an eye on me.

After I finished my 3 circuits, I did a “full stop” and vacated the runway and back to the hangar, were Terry came to see me.

He was happy overall with what I did. So from now on, while I need to get more time under my belt, I can start flying on my own, without an instructor with me for these first few circuits. I do need to call Terry before I take-off and talk him through the conditions.

So yeah !!!! Really solo now 🙂

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