Lesson 44, circuits and yeaaaah tail dragger SOLO

Yes after last lesson I knew  was going to do some good landings. And yes my feeling about what was about to happen was right !

I think I made 4 landings, 3 of them really good !  🙂  During that last circuit Terry, my new instructor told me to do a full stop. Strange I thought, didn’t think I had done an hour yet, but yes I was thinking maybe I will fly solo today.

Terry rang Dave who just arrived at the airfield and asked him to come over. The reason, Terry belongs to a different club, so only Dave can authorize me to go solo. So started doing circuits with Dave, and after 2 of them he told me to let him out, so I could do my solo’s.


Yes had two almost perfect circuits, good takeoffs and landings.

First solo in KNZ
First solo in KNZ
First solo in KNZ

Nice comment I got from Brent Thompson:

I recon the kitfox is one of the best taildragger trainers around. Beautiful when you do it right but let’s you know all about it if you don’t. Once you’ve mastered the kitfox, you have an excellent foundation for any other taildragger. Well done!

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