All cylinders of again

Today I took the 4 remaining cylinders of again, so I can get the piston’s out. I left all pistons inside the cylinder so it’s easier to get them home, but the piston in the top cylinder, #1 piston slipped past the bottom ring. I couldn’t get it back in easily so pulled it out completely.

To my surprise I did find oil on top of piston #1. Wow so hard to believe.

With the new oil grove that Richard is going to add to my pistons, all that oil will be scraped of the cylinder and thrown back into the  engine.

So even the top cylinder that I thought would be running OK, should run better without that oil in there. CAN ONLY GET BETTER !!  🙂

1 thought on “All cylinders of again

  1. If ever a man deserved to succeed, you can take a bow Gert. Your unshakeable confidence is inspiring!
    I continue to watch developments with much interest.
    Cheers, Neville

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