Air inlet trumpet

Today I mounted the valve rocker covers, forgot yesterday…

Had help from Nigel Sheppard today. He also helped me last time (2 years ago) machining a bit of Alu for my stick.

This time we were talking about the air inlet of my SU carburetor. Currently there is nothing mounted to it.

So air basically goes from the big wide world, past these sharp edges into the carburetor. This creates lots of turbulence, and doesn’t help good carburation (mixing fuel and air).

So he was going to make a trumpet, or a bell curved piece of steel. Wasn’t going to be easy. He remembered that Wayne (I think his name was) from the Car Museum, next to the Aviation Heritage Centre used the same carburetor in his Jaguars, and might have something I could use.

So of I went to see him, and there he was talking with two other guys, we recognized me, and said, Oooo there’s the Bleriot man !!  🙂

Anyway, yes he had one I could have !!!!!!!!! Great 🙂

So went back to Nigel, who welded a mounting plate to it !!

Its on the carburetor now, looks great.

Might build a air box around it, with an air inlet facing forward later, to improve it even more.

bell horn

At least this will improve the air flow a little. All little bits help !!!!

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