Ready to run

Yesterday and today been working on the engine after work, and finished everything I think:

  • All cylinders installed
  • Ring exhaust is on
  • Tightened the top of the carburetor
  • Wire locked the oil drain valve
  • Filled up the oil tank
  • Installed the valve push rods, and
  • Greased the valve rockers

I think I am ready to run the engine, sometime soon.



Oh yes, a photo here looking straight into the spark plug hole. What you see there (yes really) is the flame front slot that’s cut in the top of the piston. In exactly the right position !

Going to try it without adjusting the ignition timing initially, and see how it goes. But I am expecting to get some issues with back firing, a bit scared about that……

4 Cylinders on engine

Started putting the cylinders back on the crank case, the main engine body. After the top one, Cylinder #1 was on, I noticed that one of the bottom conrods was “stuck” inside. So off the cylinder went again. wiggled the mast conrod a bit and out it came 🙂

Anyway, I have 4 cylinders on now (only 3 shown below) , one more to go , then the exhaust !!

So almost there !!!!!!!

Wayne came just when I was leaving. He was really interested in what it looked like, and how it performed. So we put two spark plugs in cylinder #1, and pulled the prop around. He was happy ! 😊

Piston rings

Wow been putting the Oil and Compression rings in the pistons. Learned a few things here:

The compression rings, the two solid ones:

  • are ease, strong enough.

BUT the oil ring is very fragile:

  • You need to make sure you warm it up, I used a bowl with hot tap water.
  • Squeezing the rings, by pulling the ends together or apart for putting them on the piston. If you just squeeze them together for checking the gab with 2 fingers, they snap…  🙁  Had that happen 3 times until I realized what was happening  !!