Power output possibilities

Possibilities, of power output with higher compression ratio:

Was just looking at the website of the “Verner Motor”. They have three radial engines; 3, 5 and 7 cylinder. An interesting thing is that the 5 and 7 cylinder engines run at similar rpm and have a similar engine volume as my Velie:

Scarlett 5SI: 3615 cc, 78 BHP (57 kW) @ 1900 RPM

Scarlett 7Hi: 4466 cc, 97 BHP (71 kW) @ 2000 RPM

The average of these two, looking at he displacement is about 4000 cc (my Velie) with the same rpm as my Velie, would give about 87 HP. All of this with a compression ratio of 1 : 7.3

Oh and these engines run on 95 octane fuel !

So all I am saying is if we can increase my compression ratio from currently 1 : 5.4 to somewhere higher then 1 : 7 , we should get quite a bit more power !!!  🙂

So yes Wayne, believing more and more in what you have been telling me 👍👍👍

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