First proper flight with video

Yes this morning was a perfect day !

Evan made 3 test runs on RW07, tried all the controls and played with the engine. On the 4th run from RW07 he kept on climbing, not that fast but definitely no more runway left to land on. Evan made a gentle turn to the right and landed safely on RW28.

Was hoping that there would be enough power to fly the circuit, but there is only just enough to take off. But no safety margin at all, and today was perfect; a high pressure weather system, no wind and cold.

Just means I need to find more power. I have a few idea’s, but this is going to take time 🙁

Ah well a step in the good direction.

keep trying for other solutions, NEVER GIVE UP !!


Here is the video evidence 🙂
The static engine run shows about 1800 rpm, and in flight the engine runs at 2000 rpm! The Bleriot flies with an air speed of about 58 mph here:


And from underneath the plane it looks like this:


Earlier today: Evan’s warming up the engine. Need that today, we had a good frost.

Took quite some time for the engine to come up to temperature. Also the oil pressure what quite high, more then 80 psi, as the oil was thicker I suppose.


Builder, me (left) and test pilot, Evan (right)  🙂


6 thoughts on “First proper flight with video

  1. We zijn erg trots op je Gert. Veel sukses met het vinden van een oplossing van het “powerproblem”. Your dad.
    We are very proud Gert. Good luck finding a solution for your power problem. Your dad.

  2. Beautiful:- but a bit alarming! Maybee clean up between the engine and firewall with some cowling
    might give a bit more effective thrust. Congratulations and all the best. Nman.

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