Remove CAM

Yes yesterday I took one more “layer” of the back of the engine. Had to use a hoist as the 4 mounting points, the engine is hanging on, stopped me from removing this back. So Pat had one that I could borrow, very nice. On the second photo here you can see that the back is about to pop of, but it was the red shock absorbents and the steel housings that stopped me. With the engine 1″ or so of the mounting studs, I could get the back of, and placed the engine back on the engine frame, so I don’t need the hoist anymore. Will need it though later on to assemble that back .


Today I had a really good look at 4 of the 10 cam rollers, and they are all exactly 1″ in diameter. I was expecting that the #1 exhaust valve cam roller would be bigger, but it wasn’t.

That’s good in a way. That means its all as it should, just doesn’t explain why this #1 exhaust valve was open longer then all the others.

I am seriously starting to think that its all to do with the tappet clearance settings. If that one valve had a clearance less the what it should have been it would have started opening sooner and closing later. Maybe that’s all it is !!!!!!!!


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