Yes we are flying

Evan waiting to get onto the runway:

Ready for first flight



Yes we are flying !!!   🙂


Not high though, still more work to be done on the engine and maybe the propeller….

The engine is now running at about 1700rpm, but that’s not enough.

After the 3 short flights today here in Rangiora (NZRT), Warren and I started measuring the valve timing, and came to the conclusion that there is something wrong….

The exhaust starts opening tooooo early in the power cycle, when the piston is not even halfway down. So maybe there is a way to change that and not loose all that power.

So coming weekend I am going to measure and draw a nice graph with the valve timing and see what is wrong.

3 thoughts on “Yes we are flying

  1. Gert, van harte gefeliciteerd met de eerste vlucht. Geweldig dat je deze mijlpaal hebt bereikt. Nog veel succes met de laatste lootjes. We blijven het volgen met veel belangstelling. Groet Ad van Dijk

    (Gert, congratulations with your first flight. Great that you have reached this milestone. Good luck with the last issues. We will keep an eye on your progress with lots of interest. Greetings Ad van Dijk)

  2. Hi there Gert

    What an amazing website – I’m not too flash at IT at all, so I’m terribly impressed.
    The Bleriot is an impressive aeroplane, and your history of it is a pleasure to read.
    Glad the photos are of use, and very much looking forward to doing some more flying with you. Standard Circuit Rejoins next, so we can get you out of the circuit for some solo practise. You are flying well Gert. Well done.

    every best wish


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