Connected hall sensor

Sun 29 Nov 2015:
Spend 3 hours today connecting up the tacho. Time goes so fast when you are having fun…
The plan was to just connect it and run the engine, plus also add the leather covered back on to the seat.

But didn’t go that fast. Soldering the cable to the 3 individual cables going to the tacho gauge had to be done in open air and took ages, but I got there. Oh yes, there is no power in the hangar, so had to push the plane to another one that had power…
Then I had to take one wing of to get access to the gauge.
Luckily every time I needed help, someone happened to walk past and wanted to look at the plane, so that was lucky as they helped me removing the wing and putting it back on 🙂

So next time when I am back, will run up the engine and see how it goes. Hopefully that will be this Wednesday night after work !!!

Back coushion

More pictures of the seat in the cockpit page I think.
But today I did the sowing of the back “pillow”. Cut it out of the leader you see above, stitched it all together with sowing pins and sew it together.
Interesting thing is that this back pillow curves all the way around from one side to the other. This means there is less material on the inside then there is on the outside. So the inside was about 60mm shorter.
Sowing went well. Tomorrow night I will put the padding in. Hope it all looks good. It should !!!!
A few days later…
The front of the “pillow”, the back with the big “scar”, stitched up, and solid cable ties coming out, ready to tie around the tubing of the back of the seat 🙂




Magnet poles on prop

1123879_origMade a ring of steel sheeting today, got some cutoffs from work, to form the top of the 8 magnet poles.
Cut 8 bits the right length, and pored some epoxy over the magnets before the steel bits went on.
Then I removed the bits of match sticks, finished filling it up with the epoxy. Looking really good now. Ready to start on the sensor !!!





Fabulous !!

Hall sensor

Got the sensor back that Warren made for me. He has his own business and makes current sensors with hall sensors, so the perfect man to make me a sensor to pick up the magnetic poles on the back of the propeller !
Below two pictures of the sensor, apart from the heat resistant sheeting around the cable, nothing else to see really 🙂

After I installed it I checked if it worked by connecting the supply wire’s to my car battery, parked right in front of the prop and used a volt meter to measure the sensor output.
Perfect, per revolution 4 times a 5V pulse, evenly spread over the revolution, as you would expect with the magnets as shown above.
So soon, I hope, connect the wires to the tacho and run the engine ……………..