First taxi at home without wings

Have been taxing the Bleriot at home, getting it ready to go to the Rangiora airfield. The engine runs nice at idle, but something’s not right as it doesn’t want to go faster then 30% of its power…..
I will do a bit of taxing at home to get used to “driving” a tail dragger.

The two ply front panels are not on here at the moment, but that’s the only thing missing apart from the wings obviously…..
I have a bag of sheep nuts on the fuselage to give it the same “weight” at the stick as when the wings are mounted
Look how well the stick is absorbing the bumbs in the grass 🙂

Two short movie clips at probably 30% power:

Into the wind, the rudder is nicely working I can “drive” in a nice straight line. Only going slow, maybe 10 – 20 km/h max, will go faster sometime soon, when I have more guts 🙂

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