Fuel pump

Installed a little fuel pump today. Reading the carburetor specs on my engine, I found that I needed at least 24″ of fuel pressure, and with my tank position I didn’t have that. This little electronic pump creates a pressure of about 3 PSI, not a lot but that’s what the specs required. After I installed it I had it running for a few minutes without running engine and no flooding of the carb, so the fuel control needle valve inside the carb must be working nicely. As soon as the ring exhaust is back, I can try it out.

Oh yes, when pump is not running, the fuel still flows, so that’s good.

In the past when the engine was running, it looked OK with the fuel pressure, but once or twice in the early stages, the engine stopped on us with not a lot of fuel left in the tank, so maybe that’s what it was.


Nicely going down, all the way from the tank to the carburetor.



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