After adjustments engine frame good to go

Another long night in the garage last night and early this morning at work finishing the last few tubes for the engine frame. So its all finished now, and dropped the whole jig with tubes of at an engineering shop for welding.

This means I should get it back before the weekend, so I can mount the engine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bit of a setback…

I picked up the engine frame after it was welded, and all 4 engine mounts have moved closer together by about 2 to 5mm. Didn’t want that to happen, so first thing tomorrow morning I am going back trying to find a solution.

Re welding bits which I don’t like, or finding other shock absorbers that have a non centric hole, so the mounting point can be moved slightly by rotating the shock absorber…..

Will keep you posted 🙂

Yes engine frame seems to be fixed now, just tried it on the engine  🙂
Paint it tomorrow and then onto the fuselage !


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