Painting starts

Yesterday and today full on painting!

The day started a bit disappointing yesterday. I am sewing a zip in the fabric that’s behind me covering two sections. Everything was ready to start, but when I got the sewing machine, I noticed I had a non fitting foot control pedal. It was swapped with someone else’s when it went for a service a few months ago. So that was the end of that.

So decided to start with the next job; painting.

Sort of glad I didn’t do this sewing and fabric business. The are still a few tubes visible when you look into the open back end of this fabric, so I painted these as well.

First a coat of self etching primer, then the first coat of black paint. A bit disappointing again. Second disappointment this weekend, as the black doesn’t cover 100{7d16e8204fe0e6723feb9d00795e42e38ac880e6f88f519e81a8ab927d02eaa1} over the light gray primer. So I have to do another coat of black.

But this is a changed looking plane now. Maybe not to obvious when looking at the photo’s but I love it. Basically all the tubes covered by fabric and the ply sheets in the cockpit are black. In fact all visible tubes are black, except the tubes in the “open” wire braced fuselage. They will have a timber look.

This job is massive compared to all the other kit sets that you get from Airdrome Aeroplanes. The other ones don’t have any tubing exposed apart from the ones you see from within the cockpit. Here everything in the fuselage is visible. But then that is what is so special about this plane 🙂

It’s going to be beautiful !!!



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