Gluing veneer

Was a bit nervous today, gluing the veneer to the dashboard.

I applied the glue 2 days ago to both the veneer and the dashboard. My son Rutger, made a piece if timber fitting nicely behind the dashboard, and I got a bit of timber from the shed to go on the other side so I could apply even pressure to all of the surface using a few clamps.

So first I used a hot air gun to heat up the glue on both surfaces, and I did feel some stickiness, but wasn’t sure how long I had to heat it. In the end I just stopped, as you do and positioned the veneer onto the dashboard. Put the two bits of timber on each side and put clamps on, hoping for the best.

After an hour or so, when it was cold again, I took the clamps and timber away, and voilà:


Looking very good after I removed to excess veneer from the top, and positioned the back half of the top deck.

As you can see from the photo below right, I still need to file off the excess veneer around all other holes. I will do that using a file pushing into the hole from the front, so I don’t create chips on the “nice” side.

So yes all going to plan !!!!!    Happy.



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