Gluing down Rimu

Started the process of glue-ing down the Rimu veneer onto the aluminium dashboard. I am using a glue, that you apply to both surfaces. Normally you let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then carefully join them together. Not sure what you call it but you know what I mean.
The problem with that is that, later on when its hot, the aerosol, or something that’s still in it will try to “get-out”, making the glue go bubbly.
To solve this problem, you let the two surfaces dry completely, so that there is only basically “rubber” left. To stick them together, you need to heat up the glue to 200 degC or so, very hot, so it get’s soft again, and then join them together.
This way, on a hot day in the sun, it will not come off, basically because it will not get as hot as the 200 degC that was used to “glue” them together. Al least this is what a “glue specialist” told me. Makes sense.
Will do the heating up and sticking together tomorrow !!

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