More finishing tape

Glued all the finishing tape on the bottom of the wing over the rivets. All GOOD !

I did buy a new roll of Ceconite 102, 2″ wide finishing tape, as I didn’t have enough supplied with the kit. It looked a bit “stiffer” and noticed immediately that the glue doesn’t easily go through when I brushed it on. So for the new tape I apply some glue on the wing/rivets first, then apply glue to tape, let dry a bit (or not) and put in place. Works OK in the end but its just different. Good thing is that you hardly need to wipe the tape after you put it on.
So I wonder what tape I got with the kit…..

Was just reading about the different Ceconite types. There is:

  • Ceconite 101, stamped, the heavy weight fabric.
  • Ceconite 102, stamped, medium weight fabric.
  • Ceconite Light, unstamped, used for non certified ultra lights.

The last one must be the type supplied with the kit.

Tomorrow the final tape around the perimeter: Leading / trailing edge, wing tip and wing root.

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