Pre gluing

Glad I pre-glued the 2″ strip around the wing rivets (see above). This works perfect.
I thought it was going to be a bit trickier, but just laying the 2″ finishing tape over the dry glue and applying glue on the tape, makes it stick immediately.
Just make sure you wipe of the excess glue after 5 minutes or so, other wise ironing will make a big mess as the glue on top will go soft again and stick to the iron.
The “very” curved front of the wing was a bit harder as the fabric is pulled down there. While applying the glue not all of the tape did stick down nicely, but by wiping with a cloth after 5 minutes in the direction of the leading edge with a bit of force, pulls all the fabric nicely down.
Looks GREAT.
Will give it the “iron” treatment tomorrow to finish that off, just pressing the last few little uneven things down.
Starting to like this cloth and glue business 🙂 It takes time but if all the preparations, down to the aluminium frame underneath are done well (or perfect ) you will have a great result.

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