Rudder finished

I spoke with Robert again this morning. Thought I will get some more advice on the fabric with the wings. The Bleriot wings are so wide that the fabric doesn’t fit length wise, so I have to do strips of fabric across. Wrapping over one rib on one side and gluing on top of the previous strip on the other side.

Plus he also he told me, in stead of using washers at the bottom of the wing, at the hollow side on the front, to use a aluminium strip of 1/2″ wide to better support the fabric. I can see it will be better as the fabric will want to pull away from the ribs there…. Hmmmm that means more work, but ah well. I have some aluminium here I can cut them from.

Apart from some work as preparation for tomorrows Christmas day family lunch here at home, I managed to finish the rudder and finish the fabric on both sides of the front side of the elevator.

PLUS yesterday I got a piece of carpet to put on the work bench to make the perfect fabric work bench, big enough for the wings 🙂


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