Finishing the rudder

Spend the morning gardening, getting things ready for Xmas family stuff….
So in the afternoon I finished the rudder. First a few tips I picked up from the Steward Systems YouTube video’s:

For the second side of fabric:
First apply sealer to the first fabric that’s glued to the perimeter tubes. Let it dry for an hour or so. The stick the second fabric side to it using the iron, and “shape the fabric around the curved tubes. And use a pencil to mark the place where it needs to be cut.



Then apply some sealer to the bit that needs to be cut. Wipe it off and let it dry for 1/2 hr or so. Now it can be cut without creating lots of threads sticking out.

Then use the iron to reactivate the glue again and stick it to the frame.

Really happy with the result so far. The little bit of a bulge at the top of the rudder for the anti collision light is working out very good. Exactly what I envisaged.


And finally for today the (self adhesive) reinforcing tape where the rivets go for keeping the fabric down……….


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