Fuel gauge almost done

Did more work on the fuel gauge today. Its almost finished. Below you see at what stage I got now. Happy with it so far !


Above you see a spring coming out of the back with the clear hose in it that will be connected to the top of the fuel tank. I am using a spring here to make it possible to create a sharp bend in the clear tubing as it would otherwise collapse. It also protects the hose from being cut by the sharp edges of the aluminium it goes through.


And the front of the dashboard. When finished you won’t see the spring that’s visible now.

The 3/4″ tube with the front cut away is hold in place with a piece of 7/8″ and will be riveted onto the dashboard. The 7/8″ has the 1/8″ hole for the rivet, and the 3/4″ has a hole slightly bigger so the 1/8″ rivet drops into the 3/4″ gauge tube and doesn’t interfere with the spring 🙂 So the 7/8″ is there to hold the 3/4″ basically.

After I got to this stage I noticed that the top of the 7/8″ tube, cut on an angle is going to be covered nicely by the top-deck, as that overhangs by about 1.5″. Before I wasn’t sure what to do with that top, so it just worked out nicely.

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