Rudder pedal spring

This morning I started working on the “spring” behind the rudder pedals that pull them forward. What I decided to make after talking with Mike in Rangiora, is a system of pulleys (behind the pedals) and bungee cord (elastic).

Apart from not having enough bungee cord it’s all finished, so will get a longer piece on Monday and finish it then !!

So what you see below is just in front of the right pedal. You can just see it on the left with the hinge at the bottom. From the pedal, the bungee cord goes over the “vertical” pulley on the right, and then comes out at the bottom, going backwards again via the “horizontal” pulley on the left, across the left side to the other pedal. So if one pedal goes forward, the other one goes backwards, and by creating some tension in the bungee cord, the pedals will always want to go forward, resulting in nice tight steel cables going to the rudder from these two pedals.

Oh, and the wooden block is the end stop of the pedal.


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